High Art - Poster

The poster for "High Art"

Genre: Drama
Directed by: Lisa Cholodenko
Produced by: Jeffrey Levy-Hinte, Susan Stover and Dolly Hall
Links: Syd: Radha Mitchell
James: Gabriel Mann
Lucy: Ally Sheedy
Greta: Patricia Clarkson

Does ambition force us to compromise our ideals? What is the cost of success and how far will we go to achieve it? HIGH ART is a probing journey into the heart of these questions; a dark meditation on love, loss and the dilemmas we face in our daily lives.

Full Synopsis
Syd, 24, has her whole life mapped out in front of her. Living with longtime boyfriend, James, and working her way up at the well respected high art photography magazine “Frame” Syd’s desires and frustrations seem typical and manageable. But when a crack in her ceiling springs a leak and Syd finds herself knocking on the door of her upstairs neighbor, a chance meeting suddenly takes Syd on a path she’s never expected.

Opening the door to an uncharted world for Syd is Lucy Berliner. A renowned photographer, enchanting, elusive, and curiously retired at 40, Lucy lives with her once glamorous, heroin-addicted girlfriend, Greta, and plays host to a collection of hard living party kids. Before Syd has caught her breath, she’s captured Lucy’s fascination and is drawn into the center of Lucy’s strangely alluring life upstairs.

When Syd’s bosses at Frame catch wind of her acquaintance with Lucy, they suddenly take interest in Syd and pressure her to bring Lucy to the magazine. Soon a working relationship develops between the two and a project is underway which promises a second chance for Lucy’s career. But as Syd and Lucy’s collaboration draws them closer together, their working relationship turns sexual and the lines between love and professionalism suddenly blur. As Syd slowly discovers the darker truths of Lucy’s life on the edge, she is forced to confront her own hunger for recognition and the uncertain rewards of public esteem.

Inflected with an edgy, urban realism, HIGH ART moves beyond the high-risk fantasy of TRAINSPOTTING and DRUGSTORE COWBOY to offer up a realistic portrait of life on the borders. A psychologically searching film in the tradition of MIDNIGHT COWBOY, FIVE EASY PIECES and MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO, HIGH ART delivers no easy answers, but rather poses the more complex questions pertinent to a generation searching for recognition and identity through love and profession.