Thirteen - Poster

The poster for "Thirteen"

Genre: Drama
Directed by: Catherine Hardwicke
Produced by: Jeffrey Levy-Hinte and Michael London
Key Cast: Mel: Holly Hunter
Tracy: Evan Rachel Wood
Evie: Nikki Reed
Brady: Jeremy Sisto
Mason: Brady Corbet
Brooke: Deborah Kara Unger
Links: Fox Searchlight – Thirteen – Official Site

Thirteen year old Tracy lives in Los Angeles with her mother Melanie and brother Mason. Melanie is struggling to stay sober and works as a hairdresser out of her home. When Tracy realizes she is ‘uncool’ by the current standards, she becomes hellbent on wooing fellow schoolmate Evie, the epitome of cool in Tracy’s mind. Soon the girls begin shoplifting, doing drugs, experimenting sexually, and rebelling full force. As Mel becomes frightened and desperate to help her daughter, Tracy’s self-worth spins into a dark spiral her mother cannot reach. The drastic circumstances require drastic measures, and Tracy and her mother fight to move ahead with their lives.