Wendigo - Poster

The poster for "Wendigo"

Genre: Drama
Directed by: Larry Fessenden
Produced by: Jeffrey Levy-Hinte
Key Cast: Kim: Patricia Clarkson
George: Jake Weber
Miles: Erik Per Sullivan
Otis: John Speredakos
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A blue Volvo makes its way through the fading light this chilly winter evening in Upstate New York. Kim, George and their eight-year old son, Miles, are city dwellers stealing a weekend away at a friend’s country farmhouse. But a fluke accident sets off a chain of events that alters their lives forever and conjures up the ferocious spirit of the Wendigo, a Native American Myth made manifest in Miles’s imagination.

Full Synopsis
A chill hangs in the air this winter evening in Upstate New York. Along deserted country roads, a blue Volvo makes its way in the fading light. Kim, George and their eight year old son Miles are city dwellers, stealing a weekend at a friend’s country house. But a fluke accident sets off a chain of events that will alter their lives forever: The Volvo smashes into a deer being pursued by two hunters and a man named Otis. An argument ensues between George and Otis, and neither man backs down. Miles is witness to it all, and slowly a sense of dread creeps into his consciousness.

Thus begins an eerie fable that takes us into the potent imagination of Miles as he struggles to make sense of a brutish intrusion into his reality. Is it real or imagined when the Elder in the thrift shop tells Miles about the ferocious winter spirit that shapeshifts from wind to tree to beast? Is the Wendigo bringing on these wicked events? Or is the Wendigo only a quaint myth told in the face of an indifferent world filled with arbitrary tragedy?

Firmly borrowing from the horror genre, writer/director/editor Larry Fessenden (HABIT) crafts a kaleidoscope of sounds and images, puppetry and animation to make a visceral analogue film poem about existential angst, the nature of revenge, the power of myth, and the perpetuation of aggression through time.