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What We Provide:
Effective post production management is crucial to ensuring that a film is completed
and delivered in the most trouble-free and cost effective manner.

Based in New York City, Antidote Post Production Management Services (APPMS) has long and successful experience working with all types of films, setting achievable goals, staying on budget, and meeting deadlines.

We have an understanding of the creative requirements of film production and are experienced in developing post production workflows, budgeting and scheduling, and can handle every aspect of post production supervision from pre-production through delivery.

We have excellent and long-standing relationships with LA and New York post facilities, and are expert at matching a production with the right vendors and post production personnel, from assistant editors and visual effects houses to sound mixers and legal advisors.

For smaller budgeted productions, we can provide in-house post accounting services. We also design and procure editing systems, for which we then provide technical support.

We are experienced working with the guilds and unions, completion bond guarantors, and have prepared films for all of the major festivals and delivered to distributors of all types.

Our ethos is to support the creative process with a careful attention to detail and fidelity to the budget, while always providing clear information to our clients at every step of the process.

About the Company:
Founded in 2000, Antidote Films is a New York based production company that has produced several award-winning narrative and documentary films, including Fading Gigolo, The Kids Are All Right, Soul Power, Roman Polanski: Wanted & Desired, Thirteen, and Laurel Canyon.

Antidote Films has a long history and deep experience with post production management. In addition to supervising the post and deliveries on all of its own projects, Antidote’s President and Producer Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte was the founder and director of the post facility Post 391 from 1996 to 2006, and a partner in the audio post production facility Dig It Audio from 1997 to 2007. Kusama-Hinte was also an editor of the Academy Award-winning documentary When We Were Kings, among other projects.

    Key Personnel:
    Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte                      
    James Debbs                                          
    Takeo Hori                                            
    Tom Cassel                                            

    Post Production Consultant
    Post Production Supervisor
    Accounting and Business Services
    Technical Consultant

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